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Some of our elderly parents may be exposed to accidental accidents, whether at home or outside, but together with the factors of advancing age and general physical weakness associated with old age or chronic disease conditions, it makes it difficult to move to radiology centers. For example, an elderly family member may fall while climbing or descending stairs, or as a result of stumbling on a piece of home furniture, which leads to a fracture that requires examination, x-rays, and follow-up treatment. Given the patient’s age, physical condition, and the pain he suffers from as a result of falls and bone damage, it is difficult to transfer him to a center, clinic, or hospital to perform the necessary x-rays to accurately determine his condition.

From here, the importance of having a radiology service at home emerged, which quickly became one of the basic and necessary medical needs, especially for elderly patients or those who find it difficult to move to radiology and examination centers for reasons of age, illness, or precautionary measures in light of the unprecedented Corona pandemic. DoktorCare has been keen to provide this service to its clients by including a selection of the best diagnostic radiologists, using the latest mobile radiology devices at home to provide radiology service at home with the same efficiency and quality that can be obtained in major radiology centers, with the aim of helping these cases to receive the service quickly and easily and in the places where they are.

What are the benefits of doing diagnostic radiology at home?

  • Saving the patient’s time and effort and exempting him from moving to centers and hospitals.
  • Providing comfort and psychological reassurance in the home of the service applicant.
  • Exempting the patient from the waiting lines in the centers and hospitals, especially since the cases of fractures are very painful and cannot bear waiting.
  • Protecting patients from the possibility of infection resulting from contact with others in crowded clinics, centers and hospitals.
  • Choosing the appropriate time for the patient, according to his personal and family circumstances.

What is the importance of following up with an orthopedist in cases of fractures?

The orthopedist performs a medical examination on the patient and determines the type of injury and required treatment and its duration. Care must be taken to quickly consult a doctor in cases of a fall or suspected fracture so that complications do not occur that may threaten the patient’s life or lead to deformation of the affected organ. In the case that physical recovering is required, the patient is directed to the appropriate physiotherapist to complete the treatment plan.

What is the importance of undergoing a physiotherapy recoering program?

Physiotherapy has great importance after treating fractures, whether with gypsum or surgical intervention. In both cases, the muscles surrounding the fracture area become weak and are affected by the complications and effects of the fracture. Physiotherapy helps:

  • Help relieve pain.
  • Improve range of motion and strengthen muscles.
  • Preserving the functions of the surrounding muscles.
  • Maintain blood flow in the affected area.
  • Improving functional performance by focusing more on lost jobs, depending on the location of the fracture.
  • Teach the patient how to walk properly using aids such as a walker or crutches to avoid putting body weight on the feet.
  • Work to reduce the visibility of scars at the site of surgery by performing a manual massage on the desired area to reduce adhesions around the scar area.

What is the importance and role of the caregiver (male/female) in the patient’s movement?

A trained, highly qualified and experienced home care provider contributes to improving the mobility of patients, through:

  • Helping the patient move around the house.
  • Accompanying the patient on external tours.
  • Assist the patient in going up and down stairs.
  • Full vigilance when the patient moves to keep him from falling and getting various fractures.
  • Helping patients with light exercise to maintain body flexibility and increase mobility.
  • Accompanying and caring for the patient during home or external medical visits.
  • Move the patient in the right way, change the body position, and ventilate him to combat bed sores.

What are the diagnostic radiology services available at home from DoktorCare?

DoktorCare, through its home x-ray service, provides the following:

  • Xray.
  • Ultrasound scans at home (follow-up on pregnancy, kidney and gallbladder stones, etc.).
  • Doppler at home.
  • Doppler rays on the leg at home.
  • Echo rays to follow up heart patients.
  • Home electrocardiogram (ECG).

Brain scan at home, which is an electroencephalogram (EEG).

Why choose DoktorCare to do diagnostic radiology at home?

  • A specialized and trained medical team to perform various diagnostic radiology at home.
  • The latest mobile medical devices at home.
  • Complete safety for the patient, as it does not cause a lot of noise from the electrodes or electric shocks.
  • Complete comfort for the patient without any kind of pain at all.
  • The fastest home diagnostic radiology service in Egypt.
  • The most accurate reports and test results at home and in the fastest time.
  • Best quality service provided professionally.
  • Save time and effort and ensure comfort and reassurance in the home of the service applicant.

One of the unique and distinguished services provided by DoktorCare is an efficient and high-quality radioligy service at home by a selection of the best diagnostic radiologists, using the latest modern mobile devices to obtain reports with accurate results with excellence, to examine health problems, and to take clear visual pictures of the internal organs of the body, to enable the medical team to diagnose the medical condition through an accurate, safe and painless examination of the patient; Where we work as a comprehensive system to coordinate health services and integrated medical care, especially for the elderly and chronic conditions at home, and we are keen to follow our customers for life to ensure a better life for the patient and his family. As an integrated team at DoktorCare, we strive to continuously improve the quality of services provided, to achieve the best results and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.