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    DoktorCare Home care service

    Believing in the importance and sensitivity of caring for the elderly and their different needs, DoktorCare provides the elderly home care service to its customers who are looking for reliable and safe services by evaluating the patient’s condition, the condition of the family members who care for the patient or the elderly, and the place of residence, then selecting and reconciling the appropriate service provider of male caregiver or female caregiver whom are trained and certified in home care, with a high level of experience and ability to care of the various cases of the elderly, and take care of their daily needs, whether personal or health.

    To deal with all patients’ conditions, the service is provided in shifts for a certain number of hours, or in a long-term residency system as needed. The patient’s condition and the service provider’s performance are continuously monitored, as we work as a comprehensive organization for coordinating health and integrated medical care services especially for the elderly and chronic cases at home, and we are keen to follow-up our customers for life to ensure a better life for the patient and his/her family. As an integrated team at DoktorCare, we strive to continuously improve the quality of services provided, to achieve the best results and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

    There is no doubt that the need of many people that resorting to home care services for elderly parents or those with special medical needs through specialized male and female caregivers who are able to deal with their health and psychological condition has become an inevitable necessity and reality, and the importance and necessity of this matter is increasin

    1. – The son/daughter’s work or travel conditions and their inability to be present to provide the required care.
    2. – A health condition that may require physical effort or 24-hour continuous specialized care that exceeds the family’s experience, energy, and ability.
    3. – The need for a home-based elderly care service provider who is trained, highly qualified, experienced, and honest in performing his job duties,
    4. – The physical and psychological effort exerted by the caretaker of a family member may affect his health or psychological condition and his ability to bear and deal with the family as a whole and the patient in particular; high levels of stress, anxiety, depression, nervousness and other symptoms of behavior and mental health are more common among family members caring for an older relative or friend.

    Therefore, DoktorCare works to provide the elderly home care service after carrying out accurate procedures from a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s condition, the condition of the family members who care for the patient or the elderly, and the place of residence, and then selecting and reconciling the appropriate service provider for the case.g for several reasons, including:

    About the service

    Why choose home caregivers (males/females) through DoktorCare?

    When you choose the home care service (male/female caregivers) from DoktorCare, you will get a reliable, safe and distinguished home care service for the elderly for the following reasons:

    1. DoktorCare service begins with a complete evaluation of the elderly’s condition before sending the caregiver to find out the necessary requirements, check on the health status, develop a care plan, and provide the necessary advice to the family and the caregiver. This assessment is essential before starting to provide the elderly care service at home through the caregiver to ensure his / her suitability for the situation and the circumstances of the family.
    2. DoktorCare selects the staff for the elderly care service at home (male/female) with great care and accuracy, after making a comprehensive inventory and filtering among hundreds of applicants from caregivers to choose the best and most suitable for the service, who we held professional interviews with them, and test them in all practical and personal aspects, and we only accept those with experience and holders of elderly home care certificates to ensure that they deal in a professional manner with the most difficult cases, as they have the factors of experience, honesty and patience with the elderly or other cases.
    3.  Daily follow-up of the caregiver and family by DoktorCare care coordinators to ensure the quality of service.
    4. Based on the desire and request of the family, DoktorCare care coordinators will assist in the rapid coordination and provision of the specialist doctor or nurse when there is any change in the health condition of the patient / the elderly.

    What are the duties of home caregivers?

    The tasks of home caregivers include the following:

    1. Preparing food and feeding patients, and recording what the patient has consumed in terms of food and liquids.
    2. Ensure that the elderly take medications on time and according to the doctor’s instructions.
    3.  Taking care of the patient’s hygiene/personal condition such as shaving, combing hair, brushing teeth, trimming nails, showering, and changing clothes.
    4. Assistance in going to the bathroom or changing the medical diaper according to the need.
    5. Helping the patient/case to move around the house and do light exercise to maintain body flexibility and prevent bed sores.
    6.  Thr elderly home caregivers are taking care of preserving the independence of the elderly with regard to practicing their daily life activities to enhance their self-confidence, and to avoid their feeling of any change in their capabilities that may affect their ways of life and the practice of their hobbies.

    What are the working periods of home caregivers?

    To ensure the provision of service that is compatible with all conditions of cases of the elderly and people with special medical needs, DoktorCare is keen to provide home care for the elderly through several systems that cover all required periods as follows:

    1. The residence system with a day off per week* (equivalent to the 26-day residence system): In-home residency with the patient/case to be present and provide service for 24 hours, taking into account that the caregiver’s work period does not exceed 12 hours per day, and the caregiver enjoys one day off per week, and he leaves home every week, two or four weeks to get his vacation.
    2.  The residence system with the existance of an alternate on vacations** (equivalent to the 30-day residence system): In-home residency with the patient/case to be present and provide service for 24 hours, taking into account that the caregiver’s work period does not exceed 12 hours per day, and the caregiver enjoys one day off per week, and he leaves home every week, two or four weeks to get his vacation, and DoktorCare provides the alternative during the vacation period.
    3. The system of a daily working period without residency (equivalent to a system of daily work shifts / shifts of 26 days): the caregiver is present at home 10 hours per day, and he enjoys one day off per week.

    * In the residence system, a suitable place to sleep must be provided, basic meals must be provided, and the caregiver must have sufficient time daily for personal hygiene and rest in order to restore his activity and enhance his ability to work.

    ** DoktorCare gives you complete confidence and commitment when choosing its services compared to other service providers, as we guarantee you the presence of caregivers at all times, and the provision of alternatives from health care providers at home with the same experience and level of competence in cases of vacations or emergency conditions.

    What are the duties and tasks that out of the job description of the home caregivers from DoktorCare?

    1. DoktorCare caregivers do not perform any medical tasks of a licensed nurse, such as injections, cannulation, etc.
    2.  DoktorCare caregivers do not perform house cleaning, cooking or maintenance.

    What are the characteristics of DoktorCare home caregiver?

    DoktorCare’s home caregiver have special characteristics that enable them to deal with the elderly with medical and humane professionalism and moral commitment. The most important of these qualities are:

      1. Open- facted, joviality, kindness, and calmness in reactions when dealing with the elderly. Patients at that age are in a real need of very gentle care to gain their trust and love, and to avoid feeling helpless or burdening others.
      2. Punctuality, strength of focus, and taking notes that are provided to caregivers to be followed while dealing with the elderly.
      3. Experience in dealing with various cases, especially cases of strokes that require a specific way to eat or drink and specific ways to move them from the bed or chair, matters that fully known by the medical care team and completely aware of how to deal with.
      4. Wisdom and extreme patience in dealing with the elderly of different personalities and social and cultural backgrounds, especially those who are going through pathological conditions such as Alzheimer’s or depression, taking into account their mental state, which is going through turbulence and confusion due to their different health and psychological conditions.
      5. Honesty and dedication in dealing with the elderly as our staff deals with all cases as members of the family and is keen on their comfort just like their obligated relatives.
      6.  Good listening, and polite language of dialogue with elderly cases, entertaining them, talking with them, and participating socially.

    What are the areas where the elderly home care is available?

    Our services in the field of elderly care at home cover a wide network of regions throughout the Republic, and the regions that have started work in the governorates of Cairo, Giza, 6th of October, Dakahlia and Alexandria include:

    1.  Elderly home care, Nasr City.
    2. Elderly home care, Sheikh Zayed.
    3. Elderly home care, Heliopolis.
    4. Elderly home care, Fifth Settlement.
    5. Elderly home care, Madinaty.
    6. Elderly home care, Al-Shorouk.
    7. Elderly home care, El-Dokki.
    8. Elderly home care, El-Mohandsin.
    9.  Elderly home care, El-Mansoura.
    10. Elderly home care, 6th of October.

    We continue to expand and extend to cover other regions within the Arab Republic of Egypt.

    What is DoktorCare’s responsibility and role towards society?

    DoktorCare seeks to coordinate and facilitate access to the best integrated health care services at home, especially for our elderly and chronic cases who are forced by advanced age stages and physical and psychological conditions to stay at home, as we choose our medical staff with great care and accuracy, as all of our staff are qualified, licensed and supported with sterilization means to preserve your safety, and to help you from not going to any of the nursing centers, clinics and hospitals.

    We are also working hard to improve the quality of home health care in Egypt, to meet all the needs of our valued patients and their families, and to ensure that they receive home health care services with the highest quality and best price, with a group of the most skilled specialists in the field.

    DoktorCare Features


    Specialized health and medical care for chronic cases and the elderly

    Customer First

    Providing the appropriate service provider that suits the needs of the case to ensure best results

    Modern Technology

    Applying the latest technology and we initiated with our integrated digital platform

    Standard Quality with Competitive Price

    Acheiving the Balance to provide excellent services with affordable prices

    Complete Medical File

    A private and secure medical file to save the complete medical history electronically

    Customer Care and Continuous Follow-up

    Continuous follow-up of customers to provide all requirements and improve the quality of services

    Outstanding Service Providers

    A distinguished network of accredited service providers in Egypt and abroad

    Advanced Organization

    Special standards for service and subsequent guidance, coordination, and organization

    International Experience and Egyptian Competencies

    Respecting local laws and culture to provide the best level of service