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DoktorCare is keen to provide a home examination doctor, in cooperation with a group of the best doctors in all specialties (specialists and consultants), with the unique advantage of periodic follow-up of the patient, and coordination between doctors and all other services, as we work as a comprehensive organization to organize health services and integrated medical care, especially for the elderly and chronic cases at home, and we are keen to follow up our clients for life to ensure a better life for the patient and his/her family

Why do lot of people go for requesting home medical visits?

There are many cases that need medical attention, but they can’t leave the house due to illness or the lack of special capabilities and equipment to move to a doctor or hospital, especially in cases of the elderly due to the patient’s physical and psychological health condition, and the inability to bear waiting for long time that may extend to hours in clinics, and to avoid exposure to the risk of infection from other patients, hence the idea of ​​making home medical visits.

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About the service

Patients and their families are asking if it is possible to provide a home examination doctor with the required medical level and competence?

The patient’s family often wonders how to provide a doctor for a home examination, especially a geriatric doctor, or any other home examination doctor from other specialties at the highest level, medical competence and with high experience.

DoktorCare includes a distinguished elite of university hospital doctors, distinguished medical school teachers, specialists and consultants who have a long and accredited history in the field of medicine in Egypt, Arab and foreign countries, and whom all patients, clients and workers in the health field assured their efficiency and honesty; As we are keen to include the largest possible number of experienced doctors with scientific degrees from Egypt and abroad in various specialties, even the most recent ones, and who are committed to observing the rights of patients that are internationally documented by the World Health Organization, and to fulfill all their ethical obligations.

DoktorCare has been contracting with the most professional doctors in the specialty of family medicine as DoktorCare team is working on the quality of service, taking into consideration the need for diversity and inclusion, and in order to focus on the aspect of prevention and health education for the individual and the family, and not just the patient, to provide comprehensive health care directed to the community as a whole. As each patient, through this specialization, has a medical file that includes the medical and treatment history (including medications, previous operations, medical conditions, and medical examination results); Through this, DoktorCare aims to enhance the health of the family as a whole on the long term, and to prevent the possibility of any of family members suffering from many diseases, whether behavioral, genetic, organic, psychological or other health problems that may occur.

What are the specialties that DoktorCare provides through the home examination doctor service?

DoktorCare provides the following specialties:

  • Family medicine doctors.

  • Doctor of Geriatrics.

  • Cardiology Doctors.

  • Internal Medicine doctors (Internist).

  • Nephrologists.

  • Endocrinology Doctors.

  • Psychiatrists.

  • Pediatricians.

  • Dental doctors.

  • Pulmonology Doctors.

  • Neurologists.

  • Dermatologists.

  • Ophthalmologists.

  • Orthopedic doctors.

  • Physicians of General Surgery.

  • Vascular Surgery Doctors.

Many patients' families ask, why can't we get a doctor for a home examination from famous doctors?

Many patients’ families ask, why can’t we get a doctor for a home examination from famous doctors? The most famous doctors suffer from the lack of time required for a home examination, and the crowding of personal clinics, and for this reason it is necessary to book an appointment for an examination many days, weeks or months in advance! These doctors also prefer to invest their available time in providing their services to the largest possible number of patients at the clinic, and avoid making home medical visits due to the effort and time the visit takes.

Therefore, doctors’ choices at DoktorCare are subjected to many strict high-level standards, in order to ensure efficiency and assuring obtaining documented certificates in Egypt and abroad, while ensuring doctors availability for easy and speedy arriving in the right time in case of booking, without any delay to the patient that may lead to any health complications or customer dissatisfaction.

What distinguishes the home medical visits service from DoKtorcare?

  1. Providing a home medical visit service for the elderly and chronic cases with the highest quality and the best price.
  2. Saving the trouble and difficulty of searching for a doctor with appropriate specialization and medical experience to the patient’s condition as our doctor is concerned with providing the service, who is punctual to commit home medical visits at the specified time and place, because we carefully select our doctors who join our medical team; This includes all specialties, including the geriatric doctor for home examination.
  3. Complete privacy and complete comfort for the patient due to his presence at his home away from the stress and inconvenience of clinics.
  4. Preventing diseases that are currently spreading as a result of mixing, as visiting a home examination doctor means keeping the patient away from the possibilities of infection that may occur during clinics and hospitals visits.
  5. Ensure that a home examination doctor is provided with all adequate data and information about the patient’s condition and medical history, and review and examine all medical tests and x-rays for an accurate diagnosis.
  6. Coordination and follow-up of the results of the doctor’s visit, including prescriptions, medical directives, tests, x-rays, or referral to other specialties when needed.
  7. Follow-up with the patient’s family regarding his/her needs and health condition continuously, in order to ensure the permanent availability of health services and the access to them in a timely manner.
  8. The visits doctor was keen on home examinations to provide appropriate psychological comfort and to keep the patient away from anxiety, turmoil and tension caused by the disease, especially if the patient’s condition calls for treatment at home due to the difficulty of receiving it outside for any reason.
  9. The Geriatric doctor provides a home examination that specializes in cases of the elderly and chronic diseases, using the best modern mobile medical tools and devices at home for accurate diagnosis.
  10. All tools and devices used are sterilized and disinfected with the latest methods and materials, in order to ensure your safety speedy recovery.

What is DoktorCare responsibility and role towards society ?

At DoktorCare , we strive to improve the quality of home health care in Egypt, to meet all the needs of our valued patients, especially the elderly, chronic cases and their families, and to ensure that they receive a home medical visit service for home examination and medical consultations of the highest quality and the best price, with a selection of the most skilled doctors in all specialties Therefore, when you need a doctor to treat the elderly, do not hesitate to contact us.

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