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DoktorCare provides you a telemedicine consultation service through a group of best doctors and consultants in all medical specialties whether through the phone, or a video call, to ensure the patient’s complete privacy and it is distiguished with the periodical follow-up advantage, as we work as a comprehensive organization to coordinate health services and integrated medical services at home especially for the elderly and chronic cases. we care to follow up our clients for life to ensure better life for th patient an his family.

DoktorCare work team seek to improve the provided services quality to achieve best results and high levels of clients’ satisfaction

A phone call service and online medical advice with a consultant doctor

Through DoktorCare, you can communicate online with a consultant doctor in all specialties frome any place or even from home as our network includes a group of best doctors and consultants in all specialties and you can talk to them via voice phone call or video call, with a gurantee to keep the pateint’s complete privacy.

In light of the unprecedented Corona pandemic and the emergence and spread of many serious diseases, the online consultation service has become of paramount importance globally and locally to reduce the possibilities of infection resulting from mixing, with the aim of preserving the health of individuals and preventing the risks and complications of infection, and at the same time providing your medical needs through answering all your inquiries and fully diagnosing your condition over the phone at your home and with the best doctors specializing in the field.

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About the service

How does DoktorCare Egypt telemedicine consultation service work?

DoktorCare works to coordinate the provision of a medical consultation service via phone with a consultant doctor, where you can upload medical files and send x-rays or tests through a secure platform on the Internet to facilitate the diagnosis process and obtain the best and most accurate results, and then set the consultation.

After downloading and viewing the files, the doctor, through an audio or video call, will discuss your condition and your full health history, then provide the telemedicine consultation and accurate medical diagnosis, prescribe the appropriate medication, or direct you at the end of the call to what is required to be done in relation to your condition.

What are the advantages of DoktorCare telemedicine consultation service?

There are many positive advantages for remote medical consultations with a consultant doctor or specialist, whether these advantages are for the patient or the doctor himself. The most important of these advantages is the ease and convenience of communicating with an experienced doctor to consult him from anywhere, without the distance, the crowded roads, and the inconvenience of appointments being factors affecting communication.

Also, among the advantages of remote telemedicine consultations is the guarantee of obtaining a medical diagnosis at any time, even on weekends and other holidays, which are the periods when most clinics close their doors, in addition to the fact that the work of doctors during regular weekdays is within specific times only and with prior reservation. In advance, as a patient, you may need urgent diagnosis and emergency care outside of the specified hours. Therefore,remote telemedicine consultations benefit from the possibility of communicating with a specialist doctor at any time throughout the day, seven days a week.

Why is healthcare through DoktorCare telemedicine consultation different and distinguished from other providers?

DoktorCare telemedicine consultation service has several advantages, the most important of them are:

  1. – DoktorCare team quick response to your request without delay and in the fastest time, to quickly check on your health condition.
  2. – Multiple ways and means of contacting the doctor through an audio or video call.
  3. – Ensure complete privacy and comfort for the patient.
  4. – Ease of coordination between the patient and the doctor to save time and shorten distances, especially in cases of the elderly or cases that cannot be outside the home for certain health or physical reasons.
  5. – Communicate with the best doctors of all specialties and in any governorate of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  6. – The ability to download medical files and send x-rays or tests via WhatsApp or through DoktorCare application to facilitate the diagnosis process and obtain the best and most accurate results.
  7. – DoktorCare remote telemedicine consultation service is distiguished with its speed, high quality, and contracts with the best doctors in all fields.
  8. – Post-consultation service from DoktorCare, where we are interested in following up the medical case and its development, obtaining the results of the tests and x-rays that were requested, and informing the doctor and the patient of the progress and the necessary procedures to change the treatment plan if necessary.

What is DoktorCare responsibility and role towards society?

DoktorCare strives to improve the quality of health care provided to our customers, to meet all the needs of our valued patients, especially the elderly, chronic cases and their families, and to ensure that they receive a remote telemedicine consultation service at any time and from anywhere, with the highest quality and best price, with a selection of the most skilled doctors in all specialities.

We also aim to reduce hospital visits, especially in light of the ever-evolving and rising Corona pandemic, and with the infection of chronic diseases such as pressure and diabetes that reduce the patient’s immunity and make him more vulnerable to infection by mixing with other patients and not adhering to the rules of social divergence while waiting in clinics and hospitals, especially in cases of the elderly, where a telemedicinel consultation service means reducing the chances of physical contact with others and keeping the patient away from the possibilities of infection that may occur during visits to clinics and hospitals.

At DoktorCare, we are keen to contract with skilled doctors according to strict, high-level standards, in order to ensure efficiency and achieve the conditions for obtaining documented academic certificates in Egypt and abroad, while ensuring the availability for easy and speedy communication with patients in a timely manner upon contact, and ensuring access to the maximum degree of customers’ satisfaction.

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