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About DoktorCare Services

What are the integrated home care services from DoktorCare?

  • DoktorCare integrated home care services that presented by the network of its providers are including the following:
    • Medical Home Visit:

    Medical home visits are provided by a long list of doctors (specialist and consultants) covering all specialities and with a premium level of medical competence through using the latest mobile technology devices to ensure the most accurate diagnosis at home, you can also request medical home visits with doctors according to the doctor’s scientific specialization.

    • Physiotherapy Sessions at Home :

    At DoktorCare, our main target is to provide medical services in an easy way, less effort and fastest time. Therefore, we are helping you to obtain physiotherapy sessions at home especially for the elderly and those with chronic diseases, whether to help them maintain continuous and independence of movement, or recovering after fractures, surgeries, blood clots,…etc, through the best specialists and consultants experienced and highly qualified physiotherapists.

    • Home Nursing Service:

    Currently home nursing is considered the ideal solution for many cases, especially for the elderly who suffer from chronic diseases, are unable to move, or those with weak immunity who fear infection, DoktorCare is keen to provide you with home nursing service through a highly experienced, qualified and licensed nursing staff (male/female) who got their licences from the Ministry of Health, hold a membership from the Nursing Syndicate, and are authorized to practice the profession and medical practices. So through our distiguished nusring staff, we can provide you with all nursing services, whether quick visits, work shifts for a number of hours, or home stay.

    • Healthy Home Care (Male or Female cargiver):

    Healthy home care service – especially for the elderly – is one of the most important medical services that DoktorCare provides, through a medical staff that includes cargivers (males and females) who hold certificates related to home care, who are qualified, licensed and trained to deal with patients at their homes, with a high level of experience and ability to take care of different cases of the elderly and their daily needs, whether personal or health and psychological, to spend their time in happiness and stability for better physical and psychological health; DoKtor Care provides this service in shifts for a certain number of hours or long-term stay.

    • Radiology and Medical Tests Service at Home:

    In order to achieve the integration of its coordinating and organizational services, DoktorCare is providing the service of radiology and medical analyzes at home, through the cooperation with the best, accredited and licensed radiology centers and analysis laboratories, that have the best diagnostic radiologists and medical analysis specialists, whom using the latest portable radiology and analysis devices at home, To obtain a premiuml service in the fastest time, at the lowest prices, and with extreme accuracy, to ensure that help many cases of the elderly, or those who suffer from diseases or injuries that make them unable to move or go outside home.

    • Remote Medical Consultations :

    Through DoktorCare, you can obtain remote medical consultations with a distinguished group of doctors from all specialties at any time and from anywhere, even from home through a phone call, voice or video call, as our network includes the best doctors and consultants of all specialties, with whom you can talk to them in a completely safe way as we guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of patient information. The telemedicine consultation service also works to provide the highest levels of protection and safety for our patients in light of the unprecedented Corona pandemic and the spread of many serious diseases by reducing the possibilities of infection resulting from mixing with other patients at clinics,in order to preserve the health of individuals and preventing the risks and complications of infection, and at the same time helping you with your medical needs through answering all your inquiries and fully diagnosing your condition over the phone at your home and with the best doctors specializing in the field.

Why choosing DoktorCare?

  • Premium integrated health services at home.
  • Facilitating communication and shortening the distances between you and the medical and nursing staff.. Hospital has become at your home.
  • Easy access to the service by making it available through various social media.
  • Saving the time and effort required to obtain health care.
  • Communicate with a specialized doctor through telemedicine consultations.
  • The exclusive advantage of periodic follow-up and coordination between doctors and other service providers.
  • Rapid response in providing medical services while maintaining the level of quality provided.
  • Providing an integrated, highly experienced, qualified and trained medical team with the highest level of medical competence.

What is DoktorCare target?

“Achieving the difficult equation” 

DoktorCare makes every effort to achieve the difficult equation of providing an integrated medical service at home with continuous follow-up for patients, and at the same time adhering to the highest levels of efficiency, accuracy, high quality and professionalism. Our main target is to assure the existence of adistigushed staff of service providers starting from a professional administrative team, skilled doctors, nurses and health home care personnel (cargiver) who have been chosen with great care, in addition to cooperation with the best and reliable medical centers for radiology and analyzes with proven accuracy, quality and credibility, where our efforts are combined and we all work in fruitful cooperation to provide an ideal health care experience that has been specially approved for our patients and their families.

What is DoktorCare responsibility towards the society?

DoktorCare seeks to coordinate and facilitate access to the best integrated health care services at home, especially for our elderly and people with chronic conditions who are forced by advanced age stages and physical and psychological conditions to stay at home, as we choose our medical staff with great care and accuracy, as all of our staff are qualified, licensed and equipped with the latest equipment and means of sterilization in order to preserve your safety, and to help you forgetting about going to any of the radiology or nursing centers, clinics and hospitals. We are also working hard to improve the quality of home health care in Egypt, to meet all the needs of our valued patients and their families, and to ensure that they receive a premium health care services at home with the best price, through a group of the most skilled specialists in the field.

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