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Physiotherapy is one of the most important medical services provided by DoktorCare because it is of great importance to the physical and psychological health of the patient and his family. Physiotherapy helps to restore movement after the patient is injured, sick or disabled; This is done by practicing some exercise, manual therapy, education, and advice, and it also maintains the health of people of all ages, and helps reduce pain, prevent the exacerbation of some diseases, and speed up the healing process.

Physiotherapy is based on science and studying the lifestyle of the affected person, and then educating and teaching him the treatment steps. Physiotherapy helps reduce the feeling of back pain or other injuries, prenatal contractions, and treats some long-term diseases; physiotherapy can also be used to treat some chronic diseases.

What are the most important differences between physiotherapy sessions in centers and physiotherapy sessions at home?

Despite the availability of physiotherapy sessions in hospitals and specialized centers, many patients and their families prefer to resort to home physiotherapy services. Let’s compare the two options:

The total cost of the treatment program:

At first glance, the prices of physiotherapy sessions in hospitals and specialized centers seem less expensive compared to home sessions, but all material factors must be taken into account:

  • The cost of transportation or private vehicles to the center for treatment, and does the time required for transportation and waiting have a material value for the family or the patient?
  • The home sessions are performed by the physiotherapist himself, who is licensed by the Ministry of Health and a member of the Syndicate of Physiotherapists. In many centers, the session is often performed by an assistant under the supervision of the specialist, in addition to the inability to verify the qualifications of the assistant and whether he has a certificate in the specialty of physiotherapy, or is he a graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education, or has only some studies and training certificates.
  • Overcrowding while moving in transportation or waiting in clinics leads to the infection of some patients with weak immunity, which makes their treatment an additional cost, while physiotherapy at home works to prevent infection with currently spreading diseases or infection and transmission of viruses, especially in light of the Corona pandemic, which represents an imminent danger on the patient and the family as a whole.

Therefore, we always recommend that the patient and his family calculate the total cost, not just the price of the session.

Mobility and patient fatigue:

Physiotherapy sessions in centers require the patient to move to it, regardless of his health condition and how close or far away the place is. Therefore, home physiotherapy sessions in which the specialist moves to the patient’s location provide effort and patient comfort. It is noted that:

  • There are many cases that cannot leave the house due to illness or the lack of special capabilities and equipment for moving, especially in the cases of the elderly, so the efforts of a home physiotherapist are used to help patients regain their movement abilities using various scientific methods, exercise therapy and modern mobile devices to ensure the speed recovery, taking into account the health condition of the patient or the person receiving treatment.
  • A physiotherapy session represents a great effort for some patients, which requires save the required effort of the mobility process to help reduce the burden on the patient and increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Licensed and specialized physiotherapist:

Providing a home physiotherapist guarantees several things that raise the level of service:

  • A licensed, specialized physiotherapist who is dedicated to serving the patient alone. In many centers, the specialist is responsible for more than one case at the same time, and consequently cannot focus on a specific patient, and non-specialist assistants take care of the patient.
  • A home physiotherapist is assigned to visit the patient every session, while in many centers the assistants and specialists are changed, which weakens the continuity in the treatment program.

The patient’s psychological state and privacy:

  • The presence of the patient at his home reduces the feeling of tension and gives him a sense of reassurance and psychological comfort that helps to receive the treatment program in a better spirit.
  • Ensuring the complete privacy of the patient in his home because there are no people other than the patient’s family and the doctor only, which helps in obtaining the treatment program in complete privacy and without any disturbance.

Availability of equipment and capabilities

In a few cases, the treatment program may require capabilities and devices that can only be provided at home, such as hydrotherapy.

DoktorCare mission:

Therefore, DoktorCare works to provide a suitable home physiotherapist according to the patient’s condition, in order to help patients regain their movement abilities using various scientific methods, exercise therapy, and modern mobile devices to ensure a speedy recovery, taking into account the health condition of the patient or the person receiving treatment, and DoktorCare also follows up the development of the therapy program with a physiotherapist, as well as with the patient and his family. DoktorCare handles any comments from both parties in a professional manner to provide the best possible service to the patient and family.