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After having radiology at home become one of the basic and necessary medical needs, especially for elderly patients or those who find it difficult to move to radiology and examination centers for reasons of age, illness or precautionary measures in light of the unprecedented Corona pandemic, DoktorCare was keen to make available and provide mobile home radiology to its customers by including a selection of The best diagnostic radiologists, using the latest mobile radiology devices at home, to provide radiology service at home with the same efficiency and quality that can be obtained in major radiology centers, with the aim of helping these cases to receive the service quickly and easily and in their places of residence.

What are the Diagnostic Radiology services available at home from DoktorCare?

  • X-rays
  • Ultrasound at home
  • Doppler at home
  • Doppler rays on legs at home
  • Echo rays to follow up on heart patients
  • Electrocardiogram at home to follow up on heart patients (ECG)
  •  X-rays of the brain at home, which is an electroencephalogram (EEG)
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About The Service

How does DoktorCare provide X-Ray service at home to follow up on orthopedic cases, chest patients, and corona cases?

  • By using radiology service at home provided by DoktorCare through the best radiologists, you can now perform X-Ray imaging on all parts of the body to examine the internal organs without pain or surgical intervention, in order to obtain high-quality imaging, and very accurate results in the fastest time, and in your homes. The importance of X-rays is that they are used to detect:
    • Orthopedic examinations and cases involving fractures and arthritis.
    • Benign and malignant bone tumors.
    • Chest examinations such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, cancer, and detection of enlarged heart muscle.
    • Abdominal examinations and gastrointestinal problems.
    • Detecting the presence of stones in the kidneys, ureters or gallbladder.
    • Examinations of children when swallowing strange things to detect the type and location of the thing.

How does DoktorCare provide an ultrasound scan service at home (ultrasound examinations)?

  •  DoktorCare provides ultrasound service at home on the abdomen and pelvis, and to follow up on pregnancy by specialists to obtain high-quality and accurate imaging. ultrasound is used at home to detect the following conditions:
    •  Ultrasound examination of the abdomen and pelvis.
    •  Ultrasound examination of the kidneys and urinary tract.
    •  Ultrasound examination of the liver and gallbladder.
    •  Ultrasound examination of the prostate and bladder.
    •  Ultrasound examination of the neck and thyroid gland.
    •  Ultrasound examination to follow up on pregnancy:
      • Ultrasound at home for fetal heart examinations.
      •  Ultrasound at home for pregnancy follow-up examinations and to detect the efficiency of the placenta and the absence of any damage to it.
      • Ultrasound at home to ensure that there is a change in the cervix or otherwise.
      • Ultrasound scans at home to detect the source of bleeding if it is abnormal.

How does DoktorCare provide Doppler Rays service at home?

DoktorCare works to provide the best and most skilled diagnostic radiologists who specialize in doing “Doppler” Rays that are carried out on veins and arteries to follow up on patients with thrombosis in the veins and blood insufficiency of the extremities to see how fast the blood flows in the blood vessels.

Doppler imaging is used at home to diagnose the following conditions:

  • Blood clots
  • Heart valve defects and congenital heart defects.
  • Swollen arteries.
  • Artery narrowing, such as the neck arteries.
  • Venous insufficiency.
  • Doppler rays on the leg at home.

Why do we need an echocardiogram?

  • The echocardiogram is one of the most important examinations needed for heart patients, which is done by imaging the heart muscle clearly and accurately to detect many heart diseases that depend on the heart doing its job; This task is carried out by a group of the best cardiologists and diagnostic radiologists from DoktorCare to see and monitor the heart while pumping blood to the entire body to accurately determine the deficiencies and diseases. The importance of the echocardiogram is to detect the following pathological conditions:
    • Heart attacks.
    • Failure in the heart muscle.
    • Congenital heart defects.
    • Cardiac hypertrophy.
    • Inflammation of the lining of the heart.

What are the cases that need an electrocardiogram (ECG)?

  • An electrocardiogram is an important and necessary examination in some cases, and it is routinely used by cardiologists and diagnostic radiologists from DoktorCare to measure the electrocardiogram, heart rate and speed, and the performance of the heart muscle. An ECG is used in the following cases:
    •  Diagnosis of any abnormalities in the electrocardiogram.
    • Rapid or fluctuating heart rate or heart attacks.
    • Check for any blockages in the arteries and valves of the heart.
    • Checking the rhythm of the heartbeat to diagnose any defect in it, whether it is slow or fast.
    • Ensure the amount of blood flowing to the heart and whether it is small or sufficient.
    • Checking the effectiveness of the medications taken by the heart patient.
    • Detection of any change or abnormality in the heart.
    • Diagnosis of congenital defects in the chambers of the heart.

Why is an Electroencephalogram (EEG) performed? Is it possible to perform a brain scan at home (EEG)?

An EEG can be performed at home with an EEG device that is used to measure and record potential differences produced by neurons in the brain. This examination is performed to study brain activity in general, and brain activity in unusual circumstances such as injuries, tumors, and death.

Among the conditions in which an EEG is used at home to diagnose:

  • Having a head injury.
  • Encephalitis and brain tumor.
  • Stroke and cerebral palsy examination.
  • Suffering from sleep disorders.
  • Having memory problems.
  • Coma states (such as an electrocardiogram to determine the level of brain activity).
  • Brain drawing for kids.
  • Having some mental illnesses.

Why choose DoktorCare to do radiology at home?

  • A specialized and trained medical team to perform various diagnostic radiology at home.
  • The latest mobile medical devices at home.
  • Complete safety for the patient, as it does not result in a great noise from the electrodes or electric shocks.
  • Complete comfort for the patient without any kind of pain at all.
  • The fastest mobile home radiology service in Egypt.
  • The most accurate reports and test results at home as soon as possible.
  • Best quality service provided professionally.
  • Save time and effort and ensure comfort and reassurance in the home of the service applicant.

What is DoktorCare responsibility and role towards society?

At DoktorCare , we strive to improve the quality of home health care provided to our clients, to meet all the needs of our valued patients, especially the elderly, chronic cases and their families, and to ensure that they receive a remote telemedicine consultation service anytime and anywhere with the highest quality and the best price, with a selection of the most skilled doctors in all specialties.

We also aim to reduce hospital visits, especially in light of the ever-evolving and rising Corona pandemic, and with the infection of chronic diseases such as pressure and diabetes that reduce the patient’s immunity and make him more vulnerable to infection by mixing with other patients and not adhering to the rules of social divergence while waiting in clinics and hospitals, especially in cases of the elderly, where a telemedicinel consultation service means reducing the chances of physical contact with others and keeping the patient away from the possibilities of infection that may occur during visits to clinics and hospitals.

At DoktorCare, we are keen to contract with skilled doctors according to strict, high-level standards, in order to ensure efficiency and achieve the conditions for obtaining documented academic certificates in Egypt and abroad, while ensuring the availability for easy and speedy communication with patients in a timely manner upon contact, and ensuring access to the maximum degree of customers’ satisfaction.

Radiology at home is one of the unique and distinguished services that DoktorCare provides with efficiency and high quality through a selection of the best diagnostic radiologists, and using the latest modern mobile devices to obtain reports with accurate results with excellency, to examine health problems, and to take clear visual pictures of the internal organs of the body, to enable the medical team to be able to diagnose the medical condition through an accurate, safe and painless examination of the patient; Where we work as a comprehensive organization to coordinate health services and integrated medical care, especially for the elderly and chronic cases at home, and we are keen to follow-up our customers for life to ensure a better life for the patient and his family.

As an integrated team at DoktorCare, we strive to continuously improve the quality of services provided, to achieve the best results and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

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