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DoktorCare works to provide and facilitate getting home nursing service for its clients through qualified, licensed and highly experienced nursing staff, and the duration of the home nursing service is determined according to the need of the case, whether it is just an express visit or shifts for a certain number of hours or a residency, with the exclusive feature of periodic follow-up and coordination between the nursing staff and other service providers, as we work as a comprehensive organization for coordinating health services and integrated medical care, especially for the elderly and chronic cases at home, and we are keen to follow-up our customers for life to ensure a better life for the patient and his family.

As an integrated team at Doktorcare, we strive to continuously improve the quality of services provided to achieve the best results and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

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About the service

What is Doktorcare Home Nursing Service?

The home nursing service is one of the most important medical services and health care methods provided by Doktorcare, which takes place inside the patient’s home, including medical, health and psychological care provided by a home nurse (male/female) especially for the elderly; The unprecedented Corona pandemic and the recent emergence and spread of many serious diseases have forced many to resort to the home nursing service to obtain specialized and continuous medical care using medical devices at home instead of the hospital.

The service is provided by a qualified, licensed and experienced medical staff, trained to deal with patients in their homes, where the home nurse provides and doing the services and support necessary to care for the patient throughout the treatment period, whether it is the presence of a home nurse (male/female) with the patient just for an express visit or for specific shifts limited to a certain number of hours or residence. Doktorcare is keen to coordinate the experience of the nurse (male/female) to fit the medical and physical needs of the case.

Is Doktorcare home nursing service supervised by a doctor?

In all cases, all procedures performed by the nurse must be subjected to the supervision and instructions of the doctor to implement the treatment plan to the fullest, in addition to providing appropriate psychological support to the patient.

Doktorcare advises its clients to have continuous communication between the doctor supervising the case and the nursing staff to explain the treatment plan, make observations that must be followed for each case, follow developments, and take action when necessary.

What are the cases that need Doktorcare home nursing service?

1. Cases of the elderly and people with chronic diseases.

2. Stroke cases that result in body weakness and lack of ability to move.

3. Cases of atrophy, bleeding, and brain stem strokes that result in mid- and quadriplegic paralysis, and weakness of the limbs and muscles.

4. Cases that need to install a cannula by intravenous injection or solutions suspension.

5. Cases of Alzheimer’s and dementia, where the nurse helps the patient to live his life normally and to ensure that he takes medications on time so that his condition does not get worse.

6. Major post-operative cases requiring nursing care at home after discharge from the hospital.

7. Cases of fractures also need care for the temporary loss of the ability to move.

8. Cases of bedsores of various degrees.

9. Intensive care cases.

10. Coronavirus cases.

11. Cases of chronic diseases, such as patients with diabetes of all kinds, whether first or second degree, where the home nursing service works to determine, organize and provide appropriate types of food and healthy food, and adhere to the timing of taking medication to improve the patient’s condition, as well as helping him to exercise.

What are the types of Doktorcare home nursing service?

Home nursing is divided into three types:

  • Cases that need express services.
  • Home nursing for temporary services and at specific times.
  • Cases requiring permanent home nursing (residency).

The first type: express services:

This type is concerned with:

  1. Install and remove the urinary catheter/rail.
  2. Follow up chronic diseases such as diabetes and pressure.
  3. Install Cannula.
  4. Changing wounds and bedsores.
  5. Diabetic foot follow-up.
  6. Gypsum and splint removal.
  7.  Intramuscular and intravenous injections and enemas.
  8.  Measurement and follow-up of vital signs (pressure, sugar, temperature).

The second type: temporary services (shifts):

This type is concerned with:

  1.  Cases of fractures.
  2.  Rehabilitation cases for rheumatic patients.
  3.  Post-operative cases.
  4. Care for pregnant women and the postpartum period.

The Third Type: Permanent Home Nursing (Residency):

This type is concerned with:

  1.  Elderly care (elderly home care), and bed-bound cases who are unable to move.
  2.  Intensive care for positive and suspected cases of Corona.
  3.  Following up cases of stroke.
  4.  Follow up cases of Alzheimer’s disease, bedsores, and critical illnesses.
  5.  Providing health and psychological care to the patient, taking care of the stability of his physical and psychological condition, and helping him to practice his daily life normally.
  6. Taking care of the nutrition system, providing healthy food, and practicing daily activity and movement.
  7. Cases of kidney dialysis and cancer.
  8.  Monitoring medical devices such as respiratory system, permanent food machines, and heart batteries.

What are the availabe time periods in DoktorCare home nursing service?

The service period varies as follows:

1- An express service that does not exceed one or two hours of work and is according to the service required by the customer.

2- Nursing shifts, including:

  • 6 hours shift.
  • 8 hours shift.
  • 12 hours shift.

3- Nursing residency, which includes a 24-hour stay, depending on the required period, whether:

  • Less than a week, and the number of days is determined from 1 to 7 days.
  • From a week to a month.
  • A month or more.

What is the difference between a licensed nurse and a certified nursing assistant?

The licensed nurse must have completed his medical studies, completed his training, and obtained both a permit to practice the nursing profession from the Egyptian Ministry of Health, and membership in the nursing syndicate, and then he is authorized to practice medical practices.

As for the certified nursing assistant, he has some training and certificates, and he is not authorized or allowed to carry out many medical practices and procedures that are performed by licensed nursing, such as intravenous injections or inserting cannulas.

Duties of the Nursing Assistant:

  1. Complete care for the sick or elderly from a psychological and health point of view, and attention to his personal hygiene.
  2. Measure the patient’s vital signs such as blood pressure and temperature.
  3. Preparing food and feeding the patient, and recording the patient’s consumption of foods and liquids.
  4. Shaving, combing hair, brushing teeth, and trimming nails.
  5. Clean the patient’s room and bathroom.

Advantages of home nursing service from Doktorcare?

1. The home nursing service provides a nurse who is dedicated to serving the patient and is specialized in caring for him alone, unlike hospitals and centers where the nurse is responsible for more than one case at the same time, and accordingly cannot focus on a specific patient.

2. Home nursing service reduces the need to move and go to emergency departments in hospitals to install solutions or take intramuscular and intravenous injections. As many doctors advise to lessen visits to hospitals especially in the light of the unprecedented Corona pandemic and the emergence and spread of many dangerous diseases to avoid transmission of infection to the elderly and those with weak immunity and chronic diseases.

3. Following up and observing any changes that may occur in the patient’s health condition, and quickly taking the necessary action when needed before things get worse and the health condition deteriorates and having to go to the hospital.

4. When noticing any change in the health condition, the nurse can easily provide advice regarding the appropriate specialty that should be consulted, which we can also provide at home by sending the specialist or consultant, and then the nurse implements the new treatment plan that was developed according to the specialized doctor’s advice.

5. Total home nursing prices are less expensive compared to hospital nursing prices, especially with regard to cases that need long-term health care and for several times.

6. Being in your home in a comfortable family atmosphere reduces feelings of stress, anxiety, and gives you a sense of reassurance and psychological comfort that helps to receive the treatment program with a better morale, especially in cases of the elderly.

7. Helping the elderly to perpetual movement and constant turning to reduce muscle atrophy and prevent the emergence of bedsores.

8. Ensuring the complete privacy of the patient in his home because there are no one other than the patient’s family and the nurses only, which helps in following up the treatment program in complete privacy and without any disturbance.

9. Coordination and permanent follow-up of the patient and his health condition from the DoktorCare team through the daily follow-up of the nurse and follow-up of the patient and his caretaker to maintain the patient’s health and ensure the quality of the service provided.

10. DoktorCare’s home nursing service can deal with patients infected with Coronavirus, which requires special and strict precautionary measures so that the patient’s family or the nurse himself is not exposed to infection.

How do you choose the right nursing home?And why DoktorCare?

  • When you start looking for the best home nursing in Cairo, you must make sure that you get a home nursing service through the appropriate, reliable place that provides you with qualified and experienced nurses, and not any home nursing office that may send a nursing assistant as a licensed nurse, and then you discover the truth after the occurrence of medical problems and complications that may harm the life of the patient or your precious family.
  • DoktorCare saves your time and effort and relieves you from stress and confusion in choosing the type of nursing service required according to the situation and needs of the case, as we conduct an evaluation visit to find out the health status of the case and the requirements that must be met in the home nursing service.
  • Permanent follow-up by the nurse with the doctor concerned with the patient’s condition, and ensuring the implementation of the treatment plan as set by the doctor.
  • Maintaining continuous sterilization of the tools used to serve the patient, in addition to sterilizing the room and the house as a whole to ensure the highest recovery rate.
  • Taking care of the psychological and health condition of the patient, and meeting all his needs.

What is DoktorCare responsibility and role towards society?

At DoktorCare, we strive to improve the quality of home health care in Egypt, to meet all the needs of our valued patients, especially the elderly, chronic cases and their families, and to ensure that they receive physiotherapy sessions at home anytime and anywhere, with the highest quality and best price, with a selection of the most skilled Doctors who specialize in the field.

* A physiotherapist must have a license to practice the profession from the Ministry of Health, and he must also be a member holding a membership card from the General Syndicate of Physiotherapy, then his title will be upgraded to a specialist then a consultant, with getting the necessary experience and academic certificates, but many people use the term “Physiotherapist” without realizing the reality of the titles, because the current law does not grant this title to physiotherapists, and therefore it is necessary to point out.

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